Be Stinky 4 Jesus

Be Stinky 4 Jesus

There are very few things that smell as potent as a skunk! Skunks are pungent smelling creatures that spray their foul odor when threatened or mating.  However, even when they don’t spray it, they seem to ooze a musky smell.  We have a lot we can learn from a skunk.

Several years ago, when I was teaching the book of Ephesians to my students, I was inspired by Ephesians 5:1-2, which talks about being “a fragrant offering of love to the Lord”.  This phrase got me thinking of a word picture to remind myself and my students to be cognoscente of the scent we leave behind when others encounter us.  You see we can either leave a scent that is foul and laced with the sinfulness and filth of this world, or we can leave the sweet, pure scent of our Lord oozing with His love.  We can either swim in the sewers of life: selfishness, fornication, lust, envy, drunkenness., ect and let off a “crappy” odor turning people away.  Or we can swim in the pools of life: love, joy, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, peacefulness, patience , and self control and be stinky with the love of the Lord.  I would encourge you to adopt this motto: Be Stinky 4 Jesus and trasmit his scent of Love to a world who wants to see Christians, who are authentic imitatiors of Christ.   So be like a skunk and transmit the scent of the Lord wherever you go. Ooze Love and spray people when necessay.


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