Transformation Begins with You



The only way our society will be transformed is by the conscious choices of its citizens. Each day we are confronted with simple decisions that can have dramatic results. We can choose to overeat and begin a life of gluttony or we can choose to eat healthy sensible meals that are the foundation of self-control. We can choose to be faithful to our God and be obedient to His call or we can choose to set God on the back burner and do our own thing. We can choose excellence or mediocrity. We can choose obedience or rebellion. The choose is really up to us. My goal is to choose excellence, obedience, faithfulness, and self-control. My goal to be transformed, but unfortunately this feat will not be accomplished overnight, instead it is a life long process filled with many little choices that in the end will result in greatness. Every small choose is the foundation to a bigger choose; therefore, get out your microscope and begin examining your small mundane choices. Are they lead to the end result you desire? If not, you still have time to reshape those habits, and make better decisions. So I beseech you to make your little decisions count and over time the transformation will be evident to all. Begin the change today.


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