Doubt: An Effective Trap

When we are consumed with fear and doubt we become easy prey to apathy, and as we all know an apathetic person will never become a world changer. Apathy robs us of fulfilling our destiny, because we see every step as insignificant and the world around us as meaningless. Meaning for life comes from first knowing who you are and what your mission is. Throughout my life I have struggled to know emphatically what I was designed to do, and even when I did know I allowed the voices around me to define who I would be.  However, God continually brings me back to truth.

Step 1- Know the One Who Created You.

When we do not KNOW the designer of the universe who molded, shaped, and designed us, we miss our greater purpose.  We flounder through life hoping to stumble into the career, relationship, or hobby that will bring us fulfillment.  However, this will never happen without a clear sense of direction.  You can think of it this way, a new invention without a users manual is useless, unless you ask the inventor for the inside scoop.  Therefore, we need to be seeking God, the designer, for the inside scoop into our purpose and His plans for our lives.  Without this we are a pretty useless invention that may or may not fulfill its destiny.

Step 2- Believe You Were Designed Perfectly

God knew the plans He had for you when He designed you.  He knew the parents you would have, the troubles you would face, the relationships that you would screw up, and the intellectual make-up you would have.  He knew the job He designed you for and the plans He had for you.  However, unless you trust His plan for you and submit to His way of accomplishing these things in your life, you will never be satisfied with how He made you.  Allow Him to use the good, the bad, and the ugly to fulfill the plans He has for you and allow Him to use your weaknesses for His glory.

Step 3- Follow Him: No Matter How Scary LIfe Gets

God’s plans for our lives can be scary, but just remember if you don’t do it, it may never get done the way He intended it to be done.  He can use any creature that is willing, even a donkey.  Do you really want to let a donkey fulfill the role you might have planned for you.  Take risks.  Be willing to be made the fool for a greater purpose.  Be bold and speak what God lays on your heart to say.

Step 4-  Enjoy God and Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

The best way to avoid doubt is to immerse yourself in the presences of God.  Tell Him your fears, your doubts, and your worries.  He can take it.  He wants to be the One and Only in your life.  He is TRUTH. He is LOVE.  He is HOLY.  He is JUST.  He wants to have all of you, so He can change the course of the world.  Will you allow doubt to trap you and keep you from your destiny?  Or will you trust, pursue, and immerse yourself in the God of surprises who will never waste a hurt, will never leave you, and will never give up on you?


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