The Mad Dash to School

Every summer I promise myself, when I come back in the fall, my school year will start off differently; and every year it seems to be the same mad rush to get my classroom ready and prepare for the new students.  This year was no exception.  For the last two weeks of summer, all I accomplished was school.  My house lay in disarray.  My husband and children retreated to grandma’s house, and I lived in my classroom.  My first year of teaching, I thought it was because I was new at this.  Each consecutive year, I had a new theory: I was lazy;  I was a procrastinator; I was a perfectionist, or maybe I was just disorganized. In reality none of these were really the root issue.  Instead God made it very clear to me this year what the problem really is…I have made my job my idol.

Your idol?

You mean your priority?

You mean your passion?

No, I mean my idol!

I have made my job my number one priority.  I love my students and seeing them grow in the Lord.  I love the accolades I get from happy parents.  I love being praised as a good teacher.  However, none of these things have a lasting effect.  There will always be someone who thinks I should have done _________.  There will always be students who don’t like my rules, personality, or high expectations.  There will always be parents who proofread my notes home and criticize my hard work.  However, the praise of my Father in heaven will never be taken from me.  So this year, I vow to make God my priority.  I will be completely dependent on the plans He has for my days.  I will speak and do the things that please Him and worry less about what pleases my parents and students.  I want to truly live for an audience of ONE.  This year this may mean: I will not be teacher of the year or the favorite among students and parents, but I will know that I have pleased the ONE WHO MATTERS MOST…JESUS CHRIST MY LORD.  This means I will know that everyday counted and will have a lasting effect on the lives of my students.  This means LIFE CHANGERS will be made, because the LIFE CHANGER will be doing the work and I will be His vessel. 20140601-131055-47455949.jpg


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