How’s the Fig Leaf Treating You?

When Adam and Eve chose to sin, they naively believed a fig leaf could cover their nakedness.  However, no fig leaf can do what Jesus alone can do.  Yet everyday, I get up and put on my “fig leaf” wardrobe and try to convince myself and others that I have it all together.  I work hard to repair the parts of the leaf that are decomposing and might expose my innermost thoughts or my selfish ways.  I work hard to smooth out the wrinkles and not crumble the itchy mess of my delicate fig leaf.  I try hard to be the best employee, friend, wife, and mother, only to realize that I fall short in all of those areas.  I point fingers at other’s faulty fig leaves, trying to distract others from myself and deflect my own shortcomings.  I do this only to give myself time to try and fix my own figgy mess.  But the truth is my mess is too great to fix, and my mess is ok when there is sufficient coverage. So what I do from here is a choice. I can keep trying to repair my fig leaf and be my own savior, where I will fall short. Or I can remove the fig leaf, exposing my inadequacies, and put on the sheepskin of my Savior, which covers all of my flaws. The choice is mine afresh daily: fig leave or sheepskin?  I can’t wear both, I am either going to depend on myself or Him? So good-bye fig leaf. I will miss your itchiness, gapping holes, and lack of coverage, while enjoying the costly sheepskin of the Lamb of God.  


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