Choosing Thankfulness

Thankgiving is not just a holiday or something we should do once a year. Instead, thanksgiving is a daily choice.  It is the choice to give thanks in all circumstances.  It is the choice to be thankful for the dirty dishes.  Those dirty dishes are a reminder of food and family you have been blessed to receive.  Remember there are many people who have no one to clutter there homes or dirty their dishes.  It is a choice to be thankful for our children, regardless of their behavior. Yes, even those children who delight us one moment and disappoint us the next. You see it is our children that are the greatest blessings because they keep us humble and dependent on a God who loves them and us the same…unconditionally. Thanksgiving is a choice more than anything else.  It is a choice to see good and to have an eternal perspective rather than a temporal one. It is a choice to thank God for the opportunities to see Him intervene and the opportunities to encourage others to seek Him as well. Thanksgiving is a choice to see God working in and through our circumstances. Choose thankfulness today.


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