Wandering in the Wilderness….Why?

  I have often wondered why God allows us to go to the wilderness and wander. Isn’t wandering bad for us? To wander means to move about without purpose or direction. However today I realized God didn’t allow the Israelites to wander in the wilderness. He led them through the wilderness for 40 days and He will lead us too. We may feel like we are wondering, but God knows He is leading us. 

 Why the wilderness though? Four reasons are given in Scripture: to humble us; to test us; to prove our character; and to find out whether or not we will really obey His commands. There are many times I have needed to be humbled.  I often fall into the trap that I am more important than I am. Because of this narsistic attitude, God leads me to the desert, so I will remember it is God who sustains me. These last 18 days have been an example of humbling me and teaching me to trust Him more.  They have been moments of developing my character and testing me to make sure I will truly obey the things He asks me to do. Fasting is always hard, but if your purpose is to fall deeper in love with Jesus, it is worth it. You will develop trust and dependence on Him.  You will learn to obey when you are tempted and you will know Him better.  So if your in the desert, look to God to lead you, He is just humbling you and refining your character.  Will you follow what He is asking you to do in the desert? Or will  you  choose to “wander” and resist His leading? The choice is yours. #godisgood #godswisdom #trusthiswaysđź‘Ť #godsglory #leanintochrist


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