Over the last couple of weeks, I have learned what it is truly like to be physically hungry.  However, I have also learned that being spiritually hungry is much more painful and has a more lasting effect.   Physical hunger hurts for awhile, but then your body releases stored energy, fat, and you start to feel better.  Spiritual hunger however, doesnt subside until time is spent soaking up the morsels of God’s word.  Deuteronomy 8:3 says,”…people need more than bread for their life, real life comes by feeding on every word of the Lord!”  We must learn to come to Him to be fed. Satisfaction, success, peace, and fulfillment do not come from physical food; instead, they come from the Word of the Lord.  So the next time you are physically hungry, ask yourself am I hungry spiritually as well?  If so, feed yourself from God’s word first and remember real life and satisfaction come from God alone.  God’s word is what we are REALLY hungry for; so come and feast.


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