Stop Wandering and Return

  Have you ever thought, “I have sinned too badly and too frequently to return to God.”  If you have, you are probably in the majority.  Too often we get so wrapped up in the sin and guilt cycle that we forget it has all been forgiven.  We no longer need to hide from God; instead we need to run back to Him and stay close to Him.  When we emerse ourselves in God’s presence it is difficult to continue in the direction of sin.  No matter how much and how often we fail; He is there ready to correct us, pursue us, and restore us. 

    God’s greatest desire is not just that we obey Him.  Instead His greatest desire is that we are following Him so closely that we do nothing else other than obey Him.  The most beautiful example of this is the child that walks so closely to her parent that she is constantly running in to her mom.  She hovers and clings to her mom when she stops and pauses.  She waits for her mother’s next move and doesn’t dare venture from her side. As a mother I used to think this was annoying, because my daughters were never going to be independent of me.  However now I realize they don’t need to be independent; instead, they need to be dependent.  In fact we all need to be dependent, not on each other but on Christ.  We need to be holding on to Christ like a child holds on to her mother.  We need to follow and imitate God like children.  This is especially true when our children are clinging to us.  As our kids get older we need to shift their dependence from us to the one we depend on, Jesus Christ.  

So today when you find yourself where you shouldn’t be, run back to Christ, cling to His leg, and follow His lead.  When you realize your kids are still holding on to you, take the time to make sure you’re still holding on to Christ. Be dependent on the only one who is dependable. 


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