Bear with Me

Are you ready to give up on your friends? Your church? Your marriage? Your own life?  Well, bear with me and consider the instructions of God. Often we get overwhelmed and want to give up; however, God commands us to pursue Him and to let Him carry our burdens.  In turn, we are to extend this blessing to each other.  When our friends are hurting, we need to step up to the plate and encourage them.  We need to carry one another’s burdens.  I know what you’re thinking, “I can barely handle my own burdens and now I need to carry another person’s burdens as well?”  The answer is, “Yes!!!”  God calls us to reach out to each other. In reaching out, we are empowered by God to reach beyond ourselves. By doing this, God helps us to fix our eyes upon Him, which in turn refocuses our eyes off of our burdens and onto another’s. This is what God calls us to each day.  This is dependency! This is fellowship! This is our calling!  So get on it! #bearwitheach #dontgiveup #chaseafterjesus


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