Overindulge Consistently!!! You’ll be glad you did!

 The key to a thriving relationship with God and others involves…consistency. If we truly want to see change in our lives, we are required to put in the work to create that change. If we want to change our bodies physically, we must make a conscious choice to eat healthy and exercise consistently. If we want a stronger relationship with our kids, we must actively choose to be a part of what they are doing. We must listen to them and lovingly guide them through life. If we want a closer relationship with our spouse, we must listen to them more and compromise our desires for the good of our relationship. With God the principles of growth are similar. We must consistently refocus on God’s ways. Many people call this act meditation. Constantly throughout the day, we need to refocus or meditate on God’s word if we want to see change. This constant refocusing results in the transformation of our mind, which is necessary to break old habits and create new ones that are Christ centered. It is consistency that helps to build habits. It is God’s Word that transforms us. Therefore, we need to start to view God’s word as necessary for survival. We need to stop making excuses for not consuming His Word. God’s word is our bread of life, yet we are satisfied to be malnourished spiritually. If you’re tired of starving yourself, decide today to gorge yourself on His Word for the next thirty days. This is one area of your life you’ll be grateful you chose to overindulge.
For the next thirty days, record what God is doing in your life in the comments sections below.


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