Joy- God’s Gift

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Joy is not is an emotion; it is a choice to see God in any circumstance. Happiness is an emotion that is fleeting. But JOY is a gift that God gives, and man cannot take it away. You can give your joy away, but you can’t lose it. Where does the gift of joy come from? It comes from a God who loves you, and He gives it to you. Joy comes from depending on God and obeying His commands. Joy comes from doing the will of the Father and basking in His Word. Joy comes from having in intimate relationship with the Joy Giver. So today, look for opportunities to display the JOY OF THE LORD in the midst of difficult circumstances. Even in the midst of your pain you can be joyful regardless of the circumstances because His instructions are written on your heart. He will be your joy!!! #leanintojesus #trust #joycomesfromgodalone #his


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