The Power of Words

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Our tongues are powerful instruments of healing or destruction. With them we praise God and pray for His will to be done, and a moment later we are using them to destroy someone whom God loves. Why do we do this? We do this because our tongues are often guided by an unyielded, selfishly ambitious heart. For out of our heart our mouth speaks; therefore, we essentially need a heart transplant on a regular basis. We also need to regularly check the submission of our minds to the will of Christ because it is the mind that keeps the mouth in check. Today ask God to examine your heart and to expose those selfish, damaging components. Confess them and give them over to God, several times if necessary. Then ask God to change the way you think. Ask Him to show you ways to speak the truth in love and to submit you heart, mind, and ultimately your mouth to Him. Be His mouthpiece or healing!#leanintojesus #trusthisplan #lovewell #speaklife #his


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