Be Enthusiastic- God in Us

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Enthusiasm and passion are difficult to maintain, which is true when we are trying to manufacture them ourselves. However to be enthusiastic means to be “in God”. If we are placing our hope in anything other than God, we will grow tired, hopeless, and disillusioned. Therefore, our fervency must be focused on God and His work through us. That passion and enthusiasm will not die or grow lazy when it is rooted in God’s Spirit. Instead that passion will drive: our service of others; us to rejoice; us to have patience in affliction; us to constantly pray; a renewal of our hope; us to be hospitable; and us to care for those in need. So if you are lacking in enthusiasm and passion for the things of God, run to God and ask Him to renew your passion for Him. Ask Him to forgive you for trying to do things on your own. Seek to be guided by His Spirit alone today. Be enthusiastic-be in Christ fervently. #leanintojesus #his #enthusiastic #zealous#love well #pray


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