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Christians across the United States are portrayed often in a negative light. Why? I would say the biggest reason is because of our lack of genuine love for each other and for those hurting right outside the doors of our churches. This must change! We need to stop focusing so much on ourselves and start focusing on loving those people God has place right in front of us. We are called God’s Family which means we should be the first to extend grace and love people well. If there are people hurting among you, pray for them. If there are the hungry among you, feed them. If there are children who are fatherless, step in the gap and be their father. I pray that today we would open our eyes to see the hurting, tired, lonely, and rejected people among us. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear what God would have us to do. May we be known by our love rather than by our opinions. Choose to love well today. #lovewell #his#leaningtojesus #hiseyeshisearshislove

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