Comfort-The Gift

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Struggling? Asking, why me? Depressed? Discouraged? Heartbroken? (Happy Valentine’s Day, right?) If so, these things are a gift. A gift???!!!??? Yes, these things are a gift because they show us our need for a Savior. They cause us to cry out to God and to allow Him to comfort us. But why me? The only answers I have to give are that He wants to draw us into a deeper relationship with Him and to give us the opportunity to lavish His comfort then onto someone else. You see not all of our pain is because of our sinful choices; instead, some of our pain is to give us more opportunities to see God work through us. Not that God causes the pain, but He allows it for our good. However, even our sinful choices God can and often will us to bring healing and comfort to us and to someone else through us. This is part of how God redeems our past pain and makes something beautiful out of the mess we often make daily. Today look for those who are struggling and need to be comforted. Point them to Jesus, comfort them as Christ would comfort them, and let God use even the worst for Him glory. If you are the one in pain, run to God and allow Him to comfort you.#leanintojesus #Godscomfort #trust #lovewell #his


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