Immediate Obedience

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Immediate obedience is necessary in our relationships, but it is often lacking. Immediate obedience is something I require of my children and my students, but not often of myself. Why do I not hold myself to the same standard when God asks me to do something? Mostly I fail to obey out of fear and out of stubbornness that I know better, or pride. I often over analyze the situation, tell Him all thethings I think aren’t a good idea, and tell Him whether I will obey or not. This is sin. It is not my job to analyze and decide whether I will obey or not. Instead it is my job to learn to hear God’s voice and to obey Him immediately. It is my job to obey, to trust His plan, and to play the part He has called me to at that moment. It is my job to lean into Him and realize that He won’t leave me on my own to deal with the situation. Why is immediate obedience so important? It is imperative if we are going to learn to walk with Jesus. When we delay our obedience, we often make the process more difficult. We harden our hearts, and we become more prideful. On some occasions we even miss the opportunity that God has ordain for us, and someone else gets to fulfill our role. That stinks. Or when we delay obedience, someone we love has to suffer because we had the insight to help them, but we chose to delay. So today, learn from your mistakes in the past and chose to obey immediately. Chose to love people well and follow His lead. #leanintojesus#obeyimmediately #trust #his

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