Fear Not

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Fear is a crippling component of life. Fear robs us of peace, confidence, relationships, rest, opportunities, and above all pure love. In our lives, we will either choose fear or we will choose true love. We will choose to be angry, bitter, and afraid or we will choose to forgive, show kindness, and love people well. God offers us a choice: Himself, which is love, and allow Him to cast out all fears or fear which is the absence of love and leads to selfishness, a fear controlled life. As I look back at my life, I can see many times when fear directed my thought and acts, and they are not pretty. There are other times when I have allowed God to throw out all fear and amazing things happened. However fear isn’t something you put away once and it’s done; instead, it is a daily choice. So when, not if, you are afraid, put your trust in God. He will destroy fear and bring confidence and hope. #his #loved #fearnot #leanintojesus#lovewell


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