Keep Your Mouth Walled Up

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Walls have been used to safe guard and protect people for thousands of years. In modern society they are so common place that we have forgotten their value. The walls of my home keep out invaders, burglars, unwanted critters, bad weather, and numerous other things that I would consider unwelcome. Walls play an important role in life, as does showing self-control. Self-control is like the wallaround a city. It helps protect us from misusing our emotions. We need to learn to control many of our emotions that we allow to run rampant too often in our lives. Yes, emotions are ok to have and are part of the beauty that God made within us. However not every emotion needs to be expressed in full force whenever we want. Instead we need to allow God to shape and mold our emotions, especially our tempers, to be used as tools to accomplish His plan. We need to wall up and control ourselves more than we often do. Anger is an emotion that can cause great damage if it is not controlled. Therefore when we do not allow the Holy Spirit to control it, we are making ourselves very vulnerable to attacks by the enemy. In essence we have torn down the wall (self-control) that God created within us for our protection. Therefore today seek God. Ask Him to repair the walls that you have torn down or have damaged with your lack of self-control. Ask forgiveness of those you may have damaged with your temper and self-righteousness. Seek healing from God and forgiveness from others. Seek God and allow Him to restore self-control within you. #seekhim#leanintojesus #selfcontrol #his #buildawall



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