Wait in the Silence, Hope in God

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When there is a moment of silence, we often try to fill it with words. But resist and wait on the Lord. When there is silence from God, we get upset and frustrated. However it is during these moments of silence that we realize what we have learned about God and where we need to learn more. These moments of silence are where we realize where our hope is anchored. Silence often first makes us anxious, frustrated, angry, and even doubtful. However, as we learn to sit in silence with God, we realize that He has never left us, and He has been speaking all along. He has been training and preparing us to be like Him. Now our job is to walk in that hope and rest in that hope. Our job is to sit and the feet of Jesus daily and rest in His presence. God didn’t create “human doings”; He created human beings. So stop doing so much to try to please God. Instead start being with God, and He will direct your doings. Let yourself sit at the feet of Jesus and silently rest content that He is all that you need.#leanintojesus #trust #rest #silence #his#myhopeisinhim


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