Understanding God’s Plans

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Often God’s Word is extremely clear and there is no doubt what is expected of us. However, many times a situation will develop that is not clearly spoken of in Scripture, and we ponder what we are suppose to do. It is in these moments, that we can get poor advice from well meaning friends and family. It is in these moments, when God creates context and understanding that is difficult to explain to others. It is in these moments, however, when we must cling to Jesus and His Word. We must immerse ourselves in Him and allow Him to create understanding. And when He speaks, we must obey His instructions and put them into practice with all of our heart. Even when the whole picture isn’t clear, choose to do the things you know He has asked of you. Live out the heart of your Father when you don’t understand anything else. Love people well. Speak the TRUTH in love. Extend grace and forgiveness! Live a life worthy of your calling. It is not man who we seek to please. Seek God’s understanding and please Him alone. #leanintojesus #clingtowhatisgood❤️#lovewell #his #obey #hisways



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