Be Resolved

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We live in a world that is often hostile to God and His ways. Sin and hostility to God and His people are not new to this world. As you look throughout Scripture, there is evidence of hostility and sin within God’s Family and pressing in from outside God’s Family. So if this is true, how did people of the past deal with this? Well let’s look at Daniel. Daniel was captured and taken as a slave by the conquering Babylonians. He was was offered the best the culture had to offer in food, wine, education, and opportunities. But…he knew these privileges came at the price of dishonoring His God. So how did He resist the culture and in fact change the culture He was forced to live within? How did He proclaim the glory of God in such a hostile environment? First, Daniel resolved in his heart that he would not defile himself or dishonor his God. He chose to resist the privileges of his culture and to seek to live a godly life in-spite of the culture. He chose to seek God for solutions rather than depending on himself. He chose to pray regularly and to seek God. He chose to trust God would do the impossible on his behalf. He chose to know God and to stand respectfully in opposition to his culture. What is God asking you to do today? Where do you need to have more boldness today? What do you need to purpose in your heart to resist today? Stand firm. Pray often. Live countercultural. #lovewell #leanintojesus #resolvetohonorgod #seekhim #his


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