Sitting at the Crossroads

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Often we sit at the crossroads of life, and we make decisions for the future based on fear. We seek to do what is comfortable and what seems easy. But, how would life change if each morning we sat at God’s feet and waited on Him? What would happen if we waited on Him and did things His way rather than the way everyone else is doing it? What would happen if we woke up and asked God, “Where to next?” Would we have less stress and anxiety? Would we be more confident in His love?❤️Would we trust Him more fully? Would we move forward in God’s plan for us without doubting? I can assure you the answer to the last three questions is yes. When we sit at the feet of Jesus daily, there is less stress, more confidence, and less doubting. Does that mean God clearly lays out for you His plan for the rest of your life? No, it means God gives you the instructions for the day and covers you in His love each morning. It means He teaches you to trust Him as He unfolds His plan for your life. So get up each morning, sit at His feet, and ask, “Where to next?” You’ll be amazed what a commitment to meet with Him and a willing spirit to obey will do for you. #leanintojesus #trust#lovecastsoutfear #hisplans #hislove

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