Don’t Let Fear Rule You

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When fear is ruling our lives, we often see only in black and white. Fear gives the appearance that there are only two solutions to every situation: the thing we desire and the misery of not having that thing we desire. However, when God and His love rule our hearts and minds there are infinite solutions. God and His love allow us to see beyond ourselves and our desires to the larger picture of His plan. Fear keeps us focused on being paralyzed and afraid of the unknown while God’s Love allows us to see beyond to His promises. So when we are afraid, not if we are afraid, but when we are afraid, we must choose to put our trust in Him. We must choose to sit at His feet and obey His daily call on our lives. We must choose to submit our hearts and minds to His plan for us. We must choose to believe God and to reject fear. We must choose to get up and do what God has called us to without fear. Trust God today as you saturate yourself in His word. #leanintojesus#trusthisplan #submittojesus #expelfear #seebeyond#fearnot


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