Love Affirmed

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Love is affirmed by our actions. It is easy to say I love you, but to confirm that love requires loving actions. If we say that we love someone and then disregard all they say, we don’t truly love them. If we say we love someone and do only what we desire, again we are not loving them well. The same is true in our relationship with God. Our love for Him is affirmed in our obedience. That doesn’t mean that our behavior will earn us more favor with God or salvation. However our obedience to God’s commands confirms our love for Him. Our obedience and our love for God and others confirms for the world that we love God. People will see Christ in us when the words we speak match up with our loving actions. So today chose to love God well through your obedience to His commands. Confirm for those around you that Christ is your first love and is the reason for your life. Let obedience confirm your love.#leanintojesus #lovewell #obeygodsword #his


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