Be Wise in God’s Eyes

Image may contain: textProclaiming anything about oneself is a waste of time. Being wise in one’s own eyes is the same as proclaiming oneself the President of the United States. All of this is a worthless. However, wisdom found in Christ is the most valuable thing we can obtain. If we learn to trust and understand God’s wisdom and lean on Him for understanding, there is no task or situation that will be impossible. The most difficult components of learning to walk in God’s ways and obtaining His wisdom are to be consistent, fearing God only, and turning away from the evil screaming our names. So how do we learn to do this? Every day we need to show up and we read God’s word. While we are reading and praying, we shut our eyes and ears to the things of this world, and we listen to the wisdom of God. We do this until we have heard from God. Then we go out into the world, and we do what we were asked to do. We do it by His power and not our own. We learn to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and to lean on His understanding. In all our ways, we choose to acknowledge Him and allow Him to straighten our paths. Choose God’s straight path today.#leanintojesus #trust #hiswaysarenotourways#lovewell #seekhim


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