Bloom Where You’re Planted

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An encounter with Jesus will change the course of your life. You will become passionate to proclaim His power and His love. You will beg God to send you out to do the “big things” for Him. You will beg Him for the miraculous, extraordinary manifestation of His call on your life, but often God will call you to faithful daily living. Like the demon possessed man Jesus healed, you will often be called to return to those you “know” to proclaim His glory. Often you will beg for a new location or a “higher” calling, but God will send you back to “your people” to be a witness and an example of His love. Will this job be easy? No, because often it is our friends and family who fail to see the miraculous things God has done because they “know” us. Those closest to us have seen our best and our worst. They have experienced our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses. However, this is a great opportunity to proclaim His transformation because even the biggest doubter cannot discredit the 180 degree transformation that takes place when God has become the focus of a person’s life. So today, live a life sold out to Jesus among your own people. Allow God’s transforming power to be what people see. Be faithful in the ordinary parts of life and let God speak through your transformed life wherever He places you.#leanintojesus #proclaimhismercy #livesoldout#beajesusfreak #walkwithhim #his



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