Guard the Spirit within You


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God has given us every gift necessary to fulfill the plan He has for us. He paid the full price of our redemption. He poured His Spirit inside of us, and He tells us to come to Him anytime for wisdom, rest, or guidance. So why do we feel so tired, uneasy, and confused? My guess is that like me, you often get caught up in the things of this world and the frenzy of the urgent before you. You don’t guard the deposit of the Holy Spirit; instead, you and I allow the things of this world to shout louder and to block out the voice of the Holy Spirit. So today, choose to guard your time with His Spirit, listen to Him, and go where He leads. #leanintojesus #guardyourheart #seekhim


Walk in The Spirit

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We need to walk in the Spirit of the Living God. We need to walk in His power, His love, and His discipline. God has empowered us to do His will through His Spirit; therefore, we must daily submit to His Spirit. We must choose to walk in his righteousness. Professing Christ is easy, but submitting to Him is difficult. So today you have a choice: walk in the Spirit of God or walk in the spirit of self. Today I choose to walk in His Spirit. I choose to see people as He does and to love them as He does. Lord I choose to submit to walking in the footprints of Your Spirit. I choose You over myself. #leanintojesus#walkaschildrenofthelight #his

Bloom Where You’re Planted

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An encounter with Jesus will change the course of your life. You will become passionate to proclaim His power and His love. You will beg God to send you out to do the “big things” for Him. You will beg Him for the miraculous, extraordinary manifestation of His call on your life, but often God will call you to faithful daily living. Like the demon possessed man Jesus healed, you will often be called to return to those you “know” to proclaim His glory. Often you will beg for a new location or a “higher” calling, but God will send you back to “your people” to be a witness and an example of His love. Will this job be easy? No, because often it is our friends and family who fail to see the miraculous things God has done because they “know” us. Those closest to us have seen our best and our worst. They have experienced our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses. However, this is a great opportunity to proclaim His transformation because even the biggest doubter cannot discredit the 180 degree transformation that takes place when God has become the focus of a person’s life. So today, live a life sold out to Jesus among your own people. Allow God’s transforming power to be what people see. Be faithful in the ordinary parts of life and let God speak through your transformed life wherever He places you.#leanintojesus #proclaimhismercy #livesoldout#beajesusfreak #walkwithhim #his


God is Faithful

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Waiting is difficult and at times exhausting. When God made Abraham and Sarah a promise, it took decades to see the promise fulfilled. When God gave Joseph a dream about His future, it was decades full of heartache before it happened. When God chose David to rule Israel, it was many painful years before David actually sat on the throne. However, God never failed to fulfill His promise to His people. Though waiting is hard and the events surrounding the fulfillment of your promise from God may be unclear and painful; you must continue to put your hope in God and trust that He is faithful. Trust that His promises will be fulfilled at the right time. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will not forget you or what He has promised you. He is faithful, and He will fulfill His promises.#leanintojesus #trusthisplan #his #fulfilled#heisfaithful #waitongod

Driven by His Will

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We are all driven by something. Some are driven by the quest of more money. Others are driven by the pain of their past. Many are driven by fear of the unknown. However, there are others, like Christ, who are driven by the will of the Father. If God asks these people to do the impossible, they seek the impossible. If these people are asked to do the unthinkable, they do the unthinkable. If these people are asked to do the ordinary, they do the ordinary. People who live like Christ are not defined by the culture or expectations of those around them. Instead, they respond like Christ, “I have come to do the will of my Father. This life is not about me; this life is about His plan.” May we set aside our plans to live out the will of the Father. May we seek to first hear from God, and then obey Him even when it seems crazy and impossible. May our lives be driven by the will of the Father and not our own will. May we choose to obey His will for our lives.#leanintojesus #motivatedbyhisplans #obedience#his

Look for God’s Plan

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God knows the plans He has for us, and we can trust His plans are for our good. However in the midst of being exiled and suffering the punishment for disobedience, I am not sure I, like Israel, would have believed Jeremiah’s message. I am not sure I would have believed God’s message I were Moses when he was asked to go back to Egypt to talk to Pharaoh. However, even in our moments unbelief and questioning, God doesn’t abandon us. Instead, God calls us to seek Him with all of our heart. He calls us to draw closer to Him. He promised when we do this, He will be found. God wants a relationship with us. He wants us to know Him. If that means circumstances around us need to be difficult for us to learn to trust Him more, He will not withhold them. Just like a parent trains and molds a child’s heart through discipline so does God. Don’t resist the circumstances; instead, draw closer to God and He will make the circumstances bearable. Keep your eyes fixed above. #trustgod #leanintojesus #his#focus #lookup

Be Wise in God’s Eyes

Image may contain: textProclaiming anything about oneself is a waste of time. Being wise in one’s own eyes is the same as proclaiming oneself the President of the United States. All of this is a worthless. However, wisdom found in Christ is the most valuable thing we can obtain. If we learn to trust and understand God’s wisdom and lean on Him for understanding, there is no task or situation that will be impossible. The most difficult components of learning to walk in God’s ways and obtaining His wisdom are to be consistent, fearing God only, and turning away from the evil screaming our names. So how do we learn to do this? Every day we need to show up and we read God’s word. While we are reading and praying, we shut our eyes and ears to the things of this world, and we listen to the wisdom of God. We do this until we have heard from God. Then we go out into the world, and we do what we were asked to do. We do it by His power and not our own. We learn to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and to lean on His understanding. In all our ways, we choose to acknowledge Him and allow Him to straighten our paths. Choose God’s straight path today.#leanintojesus #trust #hiswaysarenotourways#lovewell #seekhim

Seek the Lord

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All of us go through the day looking for something. Some of us are looking for love. Others of us are looking for friendship. Some are looking for relief from pain while others are looking for humor and delight. Today has been long and at times overwhelming; therefore, I choose to look to the Lord. I know that He will give me strength, peace, and guidance. I know that He will smooth out the rough edges and give me strength to accomplish all that He has set before me. I pray that each of you would do the same. Seek the Lord while He may be found and trust Him to strengthen you and encourage you in all things. #leanintojesus#seekthelord #his #strengthened

Love Affirmed

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Love is affirmed by our actions. It is easy to say I love you, but to confirm that love requires loving actions. If we say that we love someone and then disregard all they say, we don’t truly love them. If we say we love someone and do only what we desire, again we are not loving them well. The same is true in our relationship with God. Our love for Him is affirmed in our obedience. That doesn’t mean that our behavior will earn us more favor with God or salvation. However our obedience to God’s commands confirms our love for Him. Our obedience and our love for God and others confirms for the world that we love God. People will see Christ in us when the words we speak match up with our loving actions. So today chose to love God well through your obedience to His commands. Confirm for those around you that Christ is your first love and is the reason for your life. Let obedience confirm your love.#leanintojesus #lovewell #obeygodsword #his

Don’t Let Fear Rule You

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When fear is ruling our lives, we often see only in black and white. Fear gives the appearance that there are only two solutions to every situation: the thing we desire and the misery of not having that thing we desire. However, when God and His love rule our hearts and minds there are infinite solutions. God and His love allow us to see beyond ourselves and our desires to the larger picture of His plan. Fear keeps us focused on being paralyzed and afraid of the unknown while God’s Love allows us to see beyond to His promises. So when we are afraid, not if we are afraid, but when we are afraid, we must choose to put our trust in Him. We must choose to sit at His feet and obey His daily call on our lives. We must choose to submit our hearts and minds to His plan for us. We must choose to believe God and to reject fear. We must choose to get up and do what God has called us to without fear. Trust God today as you saturate yourself in His word. #leanintojesus#trusthisplan #submittojesus #expelfear #seebeyond#fearnot