Comfort-The Gift

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Struggling? Asking, why me? Depressed? Discouraged? Heartbroken? (Happy Valentine’s Day, right?) If so, these things are a gift. A gift???!!!??? Yes, these things are a gift because they show us our need for a Savior. They cause us to cry out to God and to allow Him to comfort us. But why me? The only answers I have to give are that He wants to draw us into a deeper relationship with Him and to give us the opportunity to lavish His comfort then onto someone else. You see not all of our pain is because of our sinful choices; instead, some of our pain is to give us more opportunities to see God work through us. Not that God causes the pain, but He allows it for our good. However, even our sinful choices God can and often will us to bring healing and comfort to us and to someone else through us. This is part of how God redeems our past pain and makes something beautiful out of the mess we often make daily. Today look for those who are struggling and need to be comforted. Point them to Jesus, comfort them as Christ would comfort them, and let God use even the worst for Him glory. If you are the one in pain, run to God and allow Him to comfort you.#leanintojesus #Godscomfort #trust #lovewell #his


God Produces the Fruit

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Farmers don’t produce fruit, trees do. We also do not produce spiritual fruit, God does. So often I have tried to play God. I have tried to save people, and I have tried to produce fruit in myself and others. However neither of those things are my responsibility. My responsibility is to spend time knowing God and letting Him know me. I am to allow God to yield the fruit in my life and others’ lives as we interact with His Spirit. It is His Spirit in us that yields the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. We can’t manufacture it or genetically modify it because when we do it doesn’t last. Fake fruit is quickly identified and disregarded. Therefore, if you want to bear spiritual fruit today, go to the fruit producer and allow Him to produce fruit in your life. Allow His Spirit to direct your steps, your words, and your heart today. #leanintojesus #spiritualfruit #fruitful #yielded #his


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Christians across the United States are portrayed often in a negative light. Why? I would say the biggest reason is because of our lack of genuine love for each other and for those hurting right outside the doors of our churches. This must change! We need to stop focusing so much on ourselves and start focusing on loving those people God has place right in front of us. We are called God’s Family which means we should be the first to extend grace and love people well. If there are people hurting among you, pray for them. If there are the hungry among you, feed them. If there are children who are fatherless, step in the gap and be their father. I pray that today we would open our eyes to see the hurting, tired, lonely, and rejected people among us. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear what God would have us to do. May we be known by our love rather than by our opinions. Choose to love well today. #lovewell #his#leaningtojesus #hiseyeshisearshislove

Be Enthusiastic- God in Us

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Enthusiasm and passion are difficult to maintain, which is true when we are trying to manufacture them ourselves. However to be enthusiastic means to be “in God”. If we are placing our hope in anything other than God, we will grow tired, hopeless, and disillusioned. Therefore, our fervency must be focused on God and His work through us. That passion and enthusiasm will not die or grow lazy when it is rooted in God’s Spirit. Instead that passion will drive: our service of others; us to rejoice; us to have patience in affliction; us to constantly pray; a renewal of our hope; us to be hospitable; and us to care for those in need. So if you are lacking in enthusiasm and passion for the things of God, run to God and ask Him to renew your passion for Him. Ask Him to forgive you for trying to do things on your own. Seek to be guided by His Spirit alone today. Be enthusiastic-be in Christ fervently. #leanintojesus #his #enthusiastic #zealous#love well #pray

The Power of Words

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Our tongues are powerful instruments of healing or destruction. With them we praise God and pray for His will to be done, and a moment later we are using them to destroy someone whom God loves. Why do we do this? We do this because our tongues are often guided by an unyielded, selfishly ambitious heart. For out of our heart our mouth speaks; therefore, we essentially need a heart transplant on a regular basis. We also need to regularly check the submission of our minds to the will of Christ because it is the mind that keeps the mouth in check. Today ask God to examine your heart and to expose those selfish, damaging components. Confess them and give them over to God, several times if necessary. Then ask God to change the way you think. Ask Him to show you ways to speak the truth in love and to submit you heart, mind, and ultimately your mouth to Him. Be His mouthpiece or healing!#leanintojesus #trusthisplan #lovewell #speaklife #his

Reveal His Glory

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Today is the day the Lord has made so be glad and rejoice in Him. Rejoice that He has allowed you to see His glory and reflect it to others. Stop trying to hide your face. Instead reflect His glory. There is a world who desperately needs God. Stop selfishly focusing on the wrong things and be the light where He has placed you. Stop looking at yourself and start looking at God. We are not called to be the creators of light just the reflectors. So today reflect, reflect, reflect!!!!! #leanintojesus #reflectthelight #iamnotmyown #his


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Where we focus determines our thoughts, our perspectives, and ultimately our steps. If we are focused on ourselves, we will be ruled by fear, anxiety anger, bitterness, and depression just to name a few. We will walk in the ways of our sinful nature and we will act upon the desires to hide, to seek revenge, and to cower in the face of a spiritual battle. However, if our focus is on Christ, and we are seeking His face in Scripture we will focus on responding out of God’s Spirit. He will protect us, empower us, and guide us and the rest of our emotions will cease to rule us. So when any emotion is getting the best of you, look to Christ alone. Know that He is standing beside you and He will conquer any emotion that seeks to rule your heart.#leanintojesus #his #protected#seekhimwithyourwholeheart


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The Joy of the Lord is my strength. What does that mean? It means coming to the feet of Jesus every morning, sitting with Him, and seeking Him for direction. Allowing the God of the Universe to pour into me and you. I would encourage you that if your joy is missing or if you feel too weak, you need to make time with Jesus the priority. Read His word, study it, memorize it, live out its promises, and stop making excuses. If you are too busy, you have the wrong priority. If you are too bitter, you have the wrong focus. If you are feeling unworthy, you are believing the lies. When you choose to make God the priority, nothing will destroy your faith. For it is the Joy of the Lord that is your strength, but in order to obtain that joy and live in that strength you must camp at the feet of Jesus. Make His presence your passion today. #leanintojesus#his #knowhim #mypassionisjesus

Hope-in Christ Alone

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Hope is to expect with confidence that God will show up. It is trusting that in spite of the darkness that seems to be closing in that God is faithful. However be joyful in the fact that you can trust God in these difficult situations. Placing your hope on God is difficult in the midst of affliction because our natural tendency is to get out and to run away. But God asks us to wait patiently in the affliction, why? First because difficult situations and persecution produce trust. Second because God is more interested in our growth in character than in our comfort. So how is this possible to be joyful in hope and patient in affliction? Well the key is to be faithful in prayer. Pray without ceasing and trust that God will use every difficult thing that happens to us for His glory. Lean into JESUS and rely on Him to guide you, strengthen you, and encourage you.#leanintojesus #his #prayfervently #trustgod

Joy- God’s Gift

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Joy is not is an emotion; it is a choice to see God in any circumstance. Happiness is an emotion that is fleeting. But JOY is a gift that God gives, and man cannot take it away. You can give your joy away, but you can’t lose it. Where does the gift of joy come from? It comes from a God who loves you, and He gives it to you. Joy comes from depending on God and obeying His commands. Joy comes from doing the will of the Father and basking in His Word. Joy comes from having in intimate relationship with the Joy Giver. So today, look for opportunities to display the JOY OF THE LORD in the midst of difficult circumstances. Even in the midst of your pain you can be joyful regardless of the circumstances because His instructions are written on your heart. He will be your joy!!! #leanintojesus #trust #joycomesfromgodalone #his