Supply List

Things you will always need:

1 backpack 

1 English Standard Version Bible (available for purchase in the school office for $7) 

1 daily planner (available for purchase in the school office; encouraged, but not mandatory) 

8 spiral notebooks (100 sheets; college ruled) 

8 pocket folders 

24 #2pencils 

12 blue or black pens 

1 package of red pens 

1 box of colored pencils (24 count) 

1 package of index cards (3 x 5) 

2 pink rectangle erasers 

4 highlighters (minimum of 2 colors) 

1 calculator (algebra and pre-algebra students need a scientific calculator; Casio fx300ES Plus preferred) 

2-3 packages of college ruled paper (it is very important to keep a good supply of paper on hand) 

1 package of graph paper (200 sheets; lined on one side and graphing on the other is best) 

1 white out tape 

1-3 packages of sticky notes (500; any color) 

1 pair of scissors 

1 protractor and compass (metal are best)

4 poster boards (white; with your student’s name written on the glossy side) 

2 boxes of tissue 

1 reusable water bottle 

1 gym bag for P.E. clothes 

1 flash drive for Computer Lab (if they don’t already have one) 

1 pair of head phones for Computer lab (if they don’t already have one)