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Always Try the Peanut Butter Pie: It Could Change Your World



Over the last couple of days I have been inundated with new ideas and inspired by old ones, I have simply been too afraid to try.  This blog being one of the old ideas that I thought about and even signed up for several times, and then never followed through with because I was afraid no one would care about what I had to say.  However, last October my comfortable teaching life was turned upside-down after a math meeting in the HB.  It was here that I learned about #Tech-o-ween.  Two of my student’s father oversees the event, so I begged him to let me come, even though I was not a district employee.  Now you ask yourself what is that, well it is the most fabulous tech conference in the HB in the fall and is called #HBtechfest in the spring, which I just attended Thursday, May 29th.  At this event we were challenged by Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work, and Amy Burvall’s keynote to teach our student’s to take risks, have them create something,  share their work, and share our process.  We were inspired by teachers who are flipping their classrooms and teaching philosophies.  Over and over again, blogging and tweeting were emphasized as a means of showcasing our work as teachers and the work of our students. Therefore, wanting nothing less than the best for my students, I decided to jump into the ocean of blogging and try to stay afloat.  I hope to empower my students, encourage them, and help them to build an appropriate and amazing global presence that will serve them well into the future.

As if #HBtechfest wasn’t enough inspiration and challenge for the week, I decided today to get my tired body out of bed and attend the #csufcs14, which is a Think Create Share Event where I got to hear amazing teachers from around the OC talk about what they are doing to be innovating and inspiring everyday.  Some are doing 3-D modeling and printing, while others are teaching their students how to blog, tweet, and use technology they are already using to create amazing things and connect globally with others.  @davidtedu was inspiring and passionate about the changes teachers need to be making in education.  He conveyed we shouldn’t be preparing students to live in a non-inspiring world of academia, but instead we should be inspiring students to passionately pursue their dreams and to be innovative, using the gifts and talents they possess.  Students will come alive and be prepared when we inspire them, empower them, and learn alongside them.  Therefore, I have taken this challenge and I will seek to be an inspiration to my students, I will push them, encourage them, and prepare them to take risks.  I myself will take risks and lead by example.  I will try the peanut butter pie @davidtedu and I will stop settling for the status quo.  I will be the person God has called me to be…inspiring…and I will inspire my students to be the same.  I will inspire them to be stinky for Jesus and transmit his “odor” of love, integrity, and passion to a world that so desperately needs Him.

(Blog Title inspired and coined by my new friend @davidtedu)